From Word to Sign – research feature

KU Leuven Stories – the power of wonder.
By Ine Van Houdenhove

A while ago I was interviewed for the KU Leuven (the university where I obtained my PhD) Stories series. During a online interview (damn pandemic) we talked about my doctoral and postdoctoral (University of Warwick, UK) research. The result is a feature, or Story, that offers a very clear overview of mss studies and the main findings. Enjoy the read and as always; do not hesitate to share your thoughts on the topic(s)

* Voor de Nederlandse versie, klik hier.

Published by

Isabelle Heyerick

My area of expertise is signed language interpreting and my research is situated on the intersection of (applied) linguistics, intercultural studies and language ideologies. I hold a PhD in Linguistics, a MA in Linguistics and a MA in Interpreting. My PhD is a first exploration of which linguistic interpreting strategies Flemish Sign Language interpreters use and why. My postdoctoral research investigates how discourses and ideologies about deaf people and signed languages prevalent in both the majority society and in the Deaf communities influence the linguistic decisions signed language interpreters make in their actual practice. I am the secretary of the World Association of Sign Language Interpreters and the vice-president of Tenuto, an organisation offering continuous professional development for sign language interpreters.

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